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The reason for the name Adele(Which obviously isn't my real name) was because that was initially what my parents were going to call me. Instead they settled on 'Amanda' because I guess it was popular in the '80s. I wish they had given me the name Adele, but then again, doesn't everyone have that name they could have been? Anyways, this is just a place for my rants, and maybe something productive. Maybe. Also, as a warning my blogs MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR VIDEO GAMES AND SWEARING. So it probably might be safe not to show your ten year old it.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Circle Lens Giveaway

Now, this might be a surprise considering the previous video game post, but because of a certain friend I've kind of been of eying these kind of lenses because of how different and beautiful they are. So when she links to a giveaway I am of course interested.

Even though a part of me is afraid of contacts.

So, for all of my like, two readers, I really want to extend this to you.

Circle Lens Giveaway!

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